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SA Drive – Roof Vent Actuator
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SA Drive – Roof Vent Actuator


The SA Basic set consist of an electrical high performance actuator and an Intelligent Overload unit (LIP). The LIP is a separate intelligent electronic unit, mounted in a small junction box to be connected between the actuator and the supply (24/36/48VDC).

The LIP is needed in any application to avoid damage of the actuator and to get full benefit of the intelligent features (overload unit and current limiter in the same unit).

Actulux SA Drive Actuators (Roof vent motors)

Actulux SA Drives. There are many types of Actulux SA Drive Actuators available through Ventlux.

We stock the most popular SA Drives here in the UK for 24-48 hour delivery. These are SA Drive 213110, SA Drive 213112, SA Drive 213140, SA Drive 213181 and SA Drive 21313.

Any other model of Actulux SA Drive Actuator can be ordered for delivery in approximately 10 working days.

Input voltage: 24/36/48VDC (automatically detected by LIP)
Input current consumption (max. A) - see specification table
Electronic overload protection + mechanical end stop switches
Opening time to full stroke length = max. 60 seconds (for EN12101-2 approval)
Special Actulux 300°C heat solution in the actuator (for EN 12101-2 approval)
Designed for min. 10.000 comfort openings and min. 1.000 fire openings
Degree of protection: IP54 Operation mode: S3 25% duty cycle
Extremely silent operation
“Actuator stop kit” as option for post mounting for free stroke length reduction
No maintenance required
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24 Hour Delivery

As a UK distributer of Actulux products, we have generously stocked UK warehouses so that our customers may enjoy 24/48 hour goods dispatch for all common high running items.

Excellent Prices!

We purchase our AOV systems, Fans and Accessories directly from European manufacturers, which cuts out the added cost of a middleman!

Fully Compliant

All our Actulux AOV Control Panels are tested according to EN12101-10 and our Chain Drive Actuators are tested according to EN12101-2.