Wind and Rain Sensor – 111961


Wind and Rain Sensor #111961 consists of a wind wheel and a rain sensor surface. It is developed for automatic control of smoke and comfort ventilation system.

In case of wind and / or rain the relay is activated. The settings for the wind trigger point is adjusted using rotary switch on the main PCB.


It is possible to connect Actulux Weather Sensor wireless to Actulux SV/SVM Control Panel or to Actulux Flex1 ACDC using a RF-transmitter #111892 fitted into the sensor. Range: Line of sight approx. 400 meters. Actulux Control Panels have to be equipped with RF-receiver PCB: #111894 for SVM Control Panels #111895 for SV Control Panels

£367.99 +vat

Product Details


Input voltage: 24/36/48VDC (automatically detected by LIP)
Input current consumption (max. A) – see specification table
Electronic overload protection + mechanical end stop switches
Opening time to full stroke length = max. 60 seconds (for EN12101-2 approval)
Special Actulux 300°C heat solution in the actuator (for EN 12101-2 approval)
Designed for min. 10.000 comfort openings and min. 1.000 fire openings
Degree of protection: IP54 Operation mode: S3 25% duty cycle
Extremely silent operation
“Actuator stop kit” as option for post mounting for free stroke length reduction
No maintenance required

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