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LIP5 – Current Limiter and Overload Interrupter
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Current Limiter and Overload Interrupter – Type LIP5


LIP5 is an advanced electronic product that is used as current limiter between a 24V DC or 48V DC supply and 1 actuator.

When the adjusted current limit is reached because of the load of the actuator, and the load of the actuator hereby increased further, the speed of the actuator will be atuomatically reduced.This way the consumption will not exceed the adjusted level, e.g. 4 amp. for 24V and 2 amp. for 48V.


LIP5 has a built in actuator protector. This means that the voltage will automatically be interrupted if the speed of the actuator gets relatively very low or stops completely because of a mechanic locking or end stop. LIP5 is delivered in a discreet plastic box, which also functions as a link between the supply and the actuator.

Supply: 24V DC eller 48V DC +/- 15%, Ripple 2 Volt PP
Current limiter: Adjustment possibilities for max. current consumption by means of a switch on the board: Type of opening system 24V 48V SA Power 3,0A 1,5A SA Power 4,0A 2,0A SA Power Mini 2,5A 1,25A Rotary 100 2,5A 1,25A
Input resistance: Possibility to connect a 27K ohm resistance over the input clamp connection for monitoring of the line
Size (l x w x h): 100 x 100 x 50 mm
Colour: White
IP rating: IP54
Terminals: 16 mm²
Approved acc. to: EN60335-1
Marking: CE
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