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Actulux New Edition HCV Chain Drive
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Electrical Window Opener – Chain Drive

Key Features

  • Universal power supply 24/36/48VDC (HCV)
  • 2 wire line monitoring (HCV)
  • Programmable functions
  • 2500N locking force
  • Extremely silent
  • Automatic self adjusting zero-point

Actulux Chain Drive Actuators
HCV 500/350, HCV 500/600, HCV 500/800 HCV 500/1000

  • Our Actulux Chain Drive Actuators are designed to work with any 24V or 48V Control Panel.
  • They are powdered coated in a white finish to blend in with the glass line of the window.
  • Actulux Chain drives benefit from 50kg push force
  • They are programable to any opening length (only restricted by the overall size of the actuator.
  • Available specifications HCV 500/350, HCV 500/600, HCV 500/800 HCV 500/1000.
    The stroke can be reduced down in millimetre increments with the PMD programming tool.
  • Soft close overload function, therefor suitable for any profile depth and thickness.
  • Simple to install as the actuator stops when the window closes as it detects overload.
  • All our chain drive actuators are certified to several window profiles where the profile and actuator have been tested together. (This regulation ensures that the actuator will perform in fire conditions).


  • For roof, facade and skylight
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Power supply voltage:
    • 24/36/48VDC (HCV)
    • 230VAC (HCVA / HCVAR)
  • Programmable options:
    • Synchro mode (up to 4 drives)
    • Force (push, pull, soft close)
    • Speed
    • Stroke length
    • Soft close length
  • 2 wire line monitoring (HCV)
  • Soft close function
  • Stroke length: 350/600/800/1000mm as standard (can be reduced by programming)
  • Pushing/pulling force: 500N as standard (can be reduced by programming)
  • Built-in intelligent overload protection
  • Low noise level
  • Tested to min. 11,000 cycles
  • Two different speeds – comfort ventilation / fire
  • 2.5m Silicone cable
  • Aluminum Housing – White (RAL 9010)
  • Tested according to EN12101-2 (HCV / HCVA)
  • Integrated receiver + external remote control (HCVAR)

Key accessories:

  • HOC electronic module for extended features
  • Wind & Rain Sensor
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24 Hour Delivery

As a UK distributer of Actulux products, we have generously stocked UK warehouses so that our customers may enjoy 24/48 hour goods dispatch for all common high running items.

Excellent Prices!

We purchase our AOV systems, Fans and Accessories directly from European manufacturers, which cuts out the added cost of a middleman!

Fully Compliant

All our Actulux AOV Control Panels are tested according to EN12101-10 and our Chain Drive Actuators are tested according to EN12101-2.